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About Us

about us
Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd

Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd was incorporate in February 1995 and has successfully established its role in vacuum-forming trays and blister packaging. Our headquarter is situated in Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia. Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd has embarked on an aggressive marketing strategy to penetrate new markets for its product and various extensive programs aimed at improving quality and productivity. Automation process has been implemented and is a cost-effective move to meet the ever-sophisticated demand and more challenging international market.

Since commencing operation, Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd has grown tremendously in term of sales and operation. The production is running on two shifts and 24 hours during peak demand. In order to reduce the inessential of labour, equipment, and space costs, Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd has providing the packing service which include blister packing, sealing, stickering, box, and shrink wrap to meet customer's different packing needs. Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd has assigned the Certification International (CI) as certification body to audit the Quality Management System and conforming to ISO 9001: 2015 since year 2005.


We, at Integrated Formway Sdn Bhd, engaged in the business of manufacturing of plastic vacuum-formed trays and blister packaging, aim to be the leader in the packaging industry internationally and nationally as its strategic direction to meet the fast-growing market needs and expectation. We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and continual improvements as per the context of the organization and support its strategic direction through our Quality Management Systems and performance.

We shall endeavour to achieve this expectation by:
  • Delivering high-quality products, provide reliable service and on-time delivery.
  • Supply products that meet statutory and regulatory requirements, customer requirements, quality management system requirements, and other requirements of other interested parties within the context of the Quality Management System.
  • Continually improve the Quality Management System and its service from time to time.
  • Maximize the business opportunities where possible whilst identifying risk of internal and external factors and initiate timely action to address the risk and opportunities associated with the issues.
  • Improving employee competence and motivation by education and training.
  • This policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives. We believe these are the corner stones to consistently fulfil our customer requirements and expectation and enhancing our customer satisfaction, and at the same time maximizing the values, needs, and expectation of all other stakeholders including our suppliers, shareholders, employee, and relevant authorities.